Climate change called, it said: People of the Earth, you can now freak out!!!

Excuse my language but we’re f****d.

If you’re reading this, you are f****d. Your friends, your family, your way of life, your future, and worst of all, your children. Your beautiful, precious child or children are f****d.  I’m a mum and my worst nightmare is that my children will live in a world worse than the one I’ve known and have had the privilege of growing up in.

Why are we f*****d? Well, the UN released a report the other day, saying we have 12 years to stop climate change. And this article by David Wallace-Wells for NY Mag, gave us the right to officially start freaking the f*** out with its breakdown of just how close we are to the point of no return.

Yesterday, I saw the photo below posted on Facebook. It was also my son’s christening, so as soon as I saw it, just as quickly did I lose interest and carry on about my day. I’m at home today, no pressing deadlines, no party to arrange, no playdates to go to and so I’m at home and I have the time to write.

Image result for planet in 2066

I have several posts in drafts but I haven’t published them because none of the issues seem pressing enough. To be honest, at this present moment, nothing seems as urgent as climate change. I couldn’t care less about Brexit because being in the EU would help our collective fight against climate change than being outside of it. I couldn’t care less about the latest silly thing *insert pseudo-celebrity here* has said. I care about and am passionate a tonne of issues facing the most vulnerable in our world today. But honestly, none of the other issues on my heart, are as pressing as the state of our climate. The planet needs to be seen to before we can worry about anything else.

So all in all, it’s suffice to say, I’ve had an awful day. I’ve been thinking non-stop about the current situation, just how dire it is and what little old me can do about it. My conclusion is always the same; the fact is our climate is in a perilous state. Our collective future is at an unfathomable risk and the time we have to undo the danger is rapidly reducing.

The danger is completely man-made. Like, we’ve done it. We’ve created this: Human-caused Climate Change, which started way back in the 1830s, and, if it were a telephone call, it would’ve been on hold for the past 188 years. I would never dream of keeping anyone on hold for more than 5 mins. When it comes to climate change, we cannot continue to keep it on hold.

Years ago, as an A Level student I took a book out from my old local library called, ‘The Case Against the Global Economy For A Turn Towards Localization‘. The book changed the way I viewed globalisation. It convinced me that to help save the world, you’ll need to take a turn towards localisation. I’ve tried. I buy my fruit and veg locally from a great social enterprise called, Organiclea and I’m advocate for anywhere that promotes refill-consumerism such as my local, Second Nature on Wood Street, London E17.

One of the Amazon reviews left for the book, pretty much sums up how I feel:

“The book describes all aspects of globalization and what it means to us as citizens of this earth. Most of the essays leave one feeling impassioned to do something to change the course of the way things are going”

As the day is drawing to a close, I’m reviewing my actions today and I’m not proud to say that I’ve been utterly wrapped up in my emotions and my fears about the future. Which has helped no one.

However, some good might have come from my low mood because it’s inspired me to strive to be on the right side of history.

Stay tuned to find out more…

Author: jacquicourtenay

Mum. Wife. Writer. Poet. Curator. City Worker

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