Poetry & Spoken Word

Original poetry written by Jacqueline Courtenay.

No Daughter of Mine – In this poem, Mother Africa speaks to one of her daughters, who despite having a place in the seat of British power, she uses her place to disregard and frustrate honest efforts to tackle racism…. Read more here

We Don’t Know What to Say – In this poem, it is just another day in the life of a Black east Londoner who looks out of her living window to observe the mundanity of daily life. And just like any day, she notices a group young, Balaclava-clad boys running out of the local shop before dashing down the street at speed….Read more here

A Virus We Could See – A Virus We Could See is short poem about Covid-19 pandemic and in particular the disbelief that has come with it e.g., anti-vax, anti-masks and anti-isolation sentiment… Read more here

There is Something to be Angry About – This poem was written and inspired by the 2021 UK fuel supply crisis. The crisis was brought on by a fuel supply shortage for a few weeks and after news of an ongoing lack of HGV drivers, panic buying ensued… Read more here

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