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  • Black Ballad: In 2019, I wrote “Why My Kids Won’t Be Calling My Friends Aunty or Uncle” for Black Ballad, which I hoped would not only spark debate but also remind parents to be more thoughtful about those who they allow into their children’s lives. I strongly believe that assigning the designation of “aunty” or “uncle” to your friends/associates/acquaintances should be an esteemed honour and privilege and not one children should be ordered to carry out simply because of seniority. As an alternative, there are other designations such as Ms or Mr, if there is discomfort with children calling adults by their first name. But that is another conversation.
  • Ultimately, this article speaks to the idea that: you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. I’d add: choose wisely.
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The article generated a lot of debate and discussion on and off social media, with Black Ballad holding a Twitter Poll to understand how their audience felt about the topic of the article.

At the end of 2019, the article was featured on the list and had reached a near top-spot, as the second most read article on Black Ballad.

As a young mother with two children under two at the time and still being on maternity leave, it was such an edifying moment to have had an article I wrote, that I had been contemplating to write for some months, be received so positively.


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