Introducing the Social Contract Today podcast

Listen to The Social Contract podcast here

It’s been a while and I’m back to announce that, after much deliberation, I have launched my new podcast in which I focus on a topic I have long been obsessed with: The Social Contract! 

Through this podcast I aim to dissect the state of our social contract right now, questioning the ethics of business, the hubris of politics and the greed behind corporate blunders and daring to rewrite the social contract. There will also be some history, in that, I will look back at key moments when the social contract was clearly breached from the Enron scandal to the global Financial crisis of 2008 and many more.

I also talk about why I am so fond of the idea of there being an unspoken, unwritten contract between members of a society… I assert that there is a social contract in every social interaction. There is undoubtedly a social contract between families, friends, and even strangers and within these interactions there are certain rules, standards and guidelines by which we follow – but what should we do when things go awry, as I believe things have particularly in the social contract between government and the public it serves, and between business and the consumers it depends on.

So if you’re interested in finding out more about the philosophy of the social contract or if you’d like to join the conversation about rewriting the social contract, tune in each week.

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